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So, an application.

Hi, I'm Zoi, and I'm applying because... well, Die-chan was pimping the community, and I figure it's a good way to both recognize good cosplay and make good examples of what people should aspire to. Plus, living in western Canada gives you limited opportunities to show off costumes... -_-;
So, here are a couple of my more recent Jrock costumes.

Name: Zoi no miko
How Long have you cosplayed?: Since... 2001?
First jrock cosplay?: Kikasa of Due le Quartz
Awards?: Um... Best Group, Most Promising Newcomer.... H.Mention in Cosplaylab's look-alike contest?
Did you buy this costume or did you make it?: Both costumes made.

Machi: Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru, Lareine


Refrence Pictures:
Refrence 1
Refrence 2

A couple notes: I was doing the version of the costume with the black gloves instead of the pink armings (see second ref pic). I made the entire damn costume: Dress, underskirt, top, farthingale hoopskirt and supporting bumroll and a fully-boned corset that matches the red & black oriental material.

Mana: Moi dix Mois, Live costume

More Pictures:
Picture 2
Better shot of the wig and make-up with the alternate version of the costume
Moi dix Mois cross.

More Refrence photos
Refrence 1
Better shot of the skirt in the alternate version
Another shot of the skirt

Notes: I had, like... $45 USD to make this costume, and most of it was spent on the wig. ^^; The wig was made by suplimenting one wig with a great deal of pre-wefted extensions, then cut and styled.
I'd really like to re-do the costume with more material and a more heavily-boned waist cincher.

So, what do you think?
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