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Hello,I'm Kuri :D. Die-chan convinced to join... XD I thought this would be a good oportunity to hear other people's opinion's about my cosplay.

My first Jrock cosplay was Beast of Blood Mana, I have been cosplaying Mana since I was 13..I am 15 now, so, 3 years of cosplaying Jrock but 4 for cosplaying in general. The only award I have received is for judges favorite choice for the jrock skit of the ''Mana-wars'' at Big Apple Anime Fest 2003 that my friend wrote.

My Moi dix Mois Dix Infernal Cosplay's are my most recent.

One thing I would like to mention about this image is, I cosplayed the costume straight out of the album booklet. If anyone has seen the booklet they will know how extremely dark the photo's are and hard it is to view the costume Mana is wearing. There was two versions of the costume, one version where he wore black gloves, the other his long black nails with the fingerless fishnet gloves. Also, they arent many photos of the costume. I had to study the photo's and the poster I received with the CD with a FLASHLIGHT T_T;;;;

The second Dix infernal costume was the white costume from the booklet, I will need to note, there is only ONE photo of this entire costume. And a blurry 20 seconds of Mana wearing it in the DVD.


For this costume i used only two types of materials cotton and chiffon, but i had to sew elastic to the sleeves of the shirt which is chiffon, if was very difficult to do since I did the entire costume by hand, I am too poor for a machine :P For the wig I bought a black straight long wig and cut it into layers, teased and hair sprayed the teased area's with freezing hair spray and then I added the extensions. I had to wear various layers of clothing though, a long sleeve fishnet shirt was the first layer, the gloves, the actual shirt, then a sleveless trench coat , velvet pants, thigh highs , choker and many acessories. Then wearing the costume in hot weather was not a nice experience..


another photo


close up >>



Please do not mind the crown on my head this is obviously not a part of the costume..

now for the photo's of Mana himself.




the clearest photo i could find.


The white dix infernal costume was much more compfortable than the other one..I had to generalize with this one since there was only one photo to work from.

refrence photo.



me again

for this image I was limited to no money, I made the costume out of a table cloth.....and borrowed the chains, but the wig was made by me and the costume.

well there you go... o-o sorry for long post

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The first costume is really pretty. From what I see, it's quite accurate down to the jewelery. So I applaud that, the details are obviously considered. Your wigs are also styled very well. However, the makeup needs work on both, I'm not even a Mana fan but there are prominent details on the makeup from those pictures which don't look the same at all.
Question (not to affect the outcome of my vote): were there any parts of the costume you bought and/or altered, or was every single piece made?
Undecided for now.
The only thing that was not made was the corset, the gloves and the boots, but the boots were cut at the top for the shape that Mana's is in.

Deleted comment







close up of eye make up after a few hours..


more photos.

I know my make up wasnt that great, I did not have any refrence photos when I was at the convention because I couldnt find my booklet so the make up was all by memory.

I also need to add that this is the first costume I really made by myself, my other costumes were mainly done by my grandmother, she did most of the work with the other costumes. I did this one completely by myself without any help, I had to figure out a lot by myself. And I don't use patterns because I have no idea how to. All of the jewlry is bought and so is te corset.
I don't have much knowledge when it comes to the MDM costumes . . . so I have a few questions.

For instance, in the white costume, I can clearly see you're wearing a cross earring, but I don't see one in the reference picture. Was this an element you added based on other Mana pictures? And less as a criticism but more as a matter of curiousity - if the jeweled crown was not part of the costume, why were you wearing it? Also, the first two costume reference pictures are not working; in the alternate version, Mana has high boots like those?

I would agree with saying that your biggest area to work on is in the makeup. It's not easy to learn to do makeup, and Mana's is difficult. But, it's also a very critical aspect of "being" Mana. So I'd recommend that you practice some more (because practice makes perfect, right?).

I would have liked to see better pictures - not references, because I understand the issues with those - but of you. It's kind of hard to make a decision. I very much respect that you were working with a limited budget and without a machine. You did an excellent job with the wig, as has been said. You're quite good at posing, too, so I can see you being an exceptional Mana cosplayer.

I think I'm still somewhat undecided at the moment as well . . . I'd rather think about it a little longer.
More pictures have been added in the above reply. Yes Mana's shoes are those high.

And I wore the crown just for fun..to give more of a ''queen'' effect but I know I shouldnt have worn it >_<;;
I'm going to 2nd the request for better pics.

As far as my comments go, I do commend you for not painting your face clown white, because I despise when people do that; J rockers aren't clowns, they're washed out with lighting. As far as the eyeshadow and lipstick go, that could use some work like the others have said.

Nitpicking time:

The crown - I know it's already been stated, but if something isn't part of the costume, don't wear it -- unless you want to exercise your creative freedom. But then, why would you want to say you're an elitist if you're gonna go adding extra non-existent things to your costumes?

The mesh shirt - It's not actually a shirt.

The shirt sheer shirt - The chiffon should be gathered more around the elastic to make it look more poofy.

The makeup - The red under your eye looks like a blob. It needs to be defined much more than that.

I'm undecided until you can provide us with better pics.
i'll be the nice one here since I know you and know what you did
i understand the fact you handsewed ur costume
and i really love ur wig
it was way better than i thought it would turn out because it really seemed like you had no clue..

i agree about the crown,, whyd you add that hon?

to me, i believe everything looks in place...
a little extra help on the makeup (the eyes, mana has something on his eyes that he always draws on, just add that u'll be ok, and make the lips a little more fuller u'll look like his clone, completely then)

but i do agree
i never noticed this before
but did you buy that corset??
if you made it by hand and you stick by that story i'll believe it too, beacuse i've done stuff like that too, it caused a few holes in my hand, but i know its possible by hand

i say


because she has what it takes :)
she's got the look

(but even though i say yes, its majority rules in this community)
I'm sitting mostly undecided at the moment, and here's why:

Yes Side: I'm so sick of seeing people who do half-assed Mana cosplays and look like crap. YOU LOOK REALLY GOOD. Even with the questionable areas. I like that you did the multiple rows of elastic/gathers (anyone know the technical name for that is?) on the sleeves, especially if you hand-sewed it, very impressive. I love the cut of the boots, it's very accurate, and while your make-up isn't nearly as 'big' as Mana's, you didn't use crap-quality base (YES!) and overall it's very attractive, a nice application. Try doing your upper lip more prominant (his are crazy over-lined) and more eye make-up. Like a drag queen. ^_~
And your collar is so much better than mine. ^^

The other side: You've obviously put a lot of work into this costume, and as such, a couple things really get me. The waist cincher/underbust corset... is very wrong. Yours is patent leather and front-laces, his is matte, looks almost like a suiting, with exterior boning channels, and definitely does not front-lace.
Second, the boots..... Very very sexy boots, and the cut is very accurate, but his are leather, and yours are fabric.
Third.... while your cross is lovely, that earing really has to go. ^^; Same with the crown, hon.

Just as a comment, I love your wig - though it's not as big as his, it's very effective, I've never seen anyone else even attempt it.

So, Two requests:
1) Tell me more about your wig, whether you made it or cut/styled - I'm really interested in the process.
2) And, if someone was to give you a sewing machine, a nice fat check, and tell you to re-do the costume, what would you do differently?

(Please convince me. ^_^ )
Thank you for you compliments.

I still have not perfected his make up skills but I am going to continue practicing.

I know the corset is all wrong, and I was very upset about it, It was the only corset I had at the time and I did not know where to buy one or how to make one like he is wearing. I was also limited to a amount of time because I was doing this costume for a convention. Same thing goes for the boots, I could not find leather boots. I only had about a month to complete the entire costume and not even because it was during my last month of school so I had finals,regents and lots of other things to do, also I winded up in the hospital that same month as well. I was rushing a lot of things. For the wig, I bought a regular past the shoulders long wig. Cut it into layers, sprayed it a little bit with freezing hair spray slightly messed it up and let it hang for two days.. then I was in the hospital..two days after i was feeling better I continued to work on it and then I took small area's and teased (sp?) it with a little comb and held it up and let the blow dryer blow a little on it. After I was done with the top part I added the extensions for the mullet, and resprayed it before the con.

If someone gave me a sewing machine and a check. What I would do to the costume is I would have done the sleeves better, I could have made the actual corset, and I would have gotten the leather boots, I also would have gotten more accurate jewlry.
*smiles* A definite yes from me, hon.
Hey girl

sorry but it seems like this time we can't let you in.

but i know ur working on that new awesome costume, so blow us away with that ya hear? ^_^ :hugs: